Hello WPML

What’s this? A post in English? In a Latvian language blog? WTF? Am I out of my mind? Has the Latvian November finally done something irreversible to my head?

Well not really. This is more like a test – a test of an interesting wordpress plugin called WPML. See at our company we are looking to base most of our new websites on wordpress. I guess we finally have come to a point where it’s time to stop reinventing the wheel over and over again. So I thought I’ll look into the possibility of creating multilanguage websites with wordpress, as well, the current peace of crap that we sell for a CMS DOES support this feature in a more or  less sane way. This is the best solution, according to the descriptions, that I found.

But one thing is reading the descriptions and quite another trying this stuff out. So I figured what better place to test the weird stuff that can be found on the internet than my own personal blog. So, from now on this place goes multilingual – some stuff will be in English, while most will still be in Latvian (I sort of prefer writing in that language as most of my readers are Latvians).

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